• Chiropractor Testimonials from patients in Collinsville, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Maryville & the entire Metro-East Area

  • In 2011 I was in pain 24 hours a day seven days a week. I stood bent over, couldn’t straighten up, and could not walk by myself. My daughter said I needed either a hospital bed, wheelchair or both. I needed help to work, to get in and out of the car, and up and down stairs. Doctor’s wife and staff helped me get on and off the table. I was in such pain, I cried.

    Well, you should see me now. I can do anything I want to do all by myself. I owe it all to Dr. Byrkit and his magic hands. God bless him, his wife, and all of his staff.

    Gertrude G.

  • I have been a dedicated chiropractic patient for over fifty years. When I was little, my mother fell down the basement stairs while she was pregnant and almost lost me. As I grew up, I had my own numerous falls and accidents. Because of this, my back hurt from the time I was about five years old. My mom knew nothing about spinal care and adjustments, so she took the medical route and gave me lots and lots of pain pills. I ended up with severe hayfever, horrible back pain and lots of stomach problems.

    This was absolutely no way to raise a child, even though my mom was always searching for a different solution. After I met my husband and had my first chiropractic adjustment, something drastically changed in my entire body. Years of pain finally began to disappear, and my hayfever vanished. What a relief and no more pills. I fell in love with my chiropractic care and immediately told everyone about the incredible results that I had gotten. As I grew to understand the science of chiropractic, I could not wait to get my whole family under spinal care. They also loved their adjustments. My two boys were adjusted at three days old (adjustments are great for children) and have been under care for over 40 years. My oldest son also became a chiropractor, but law enforcement stole him from continuing to practice. He joined the F.B.I. and is now a cyber specialist at Edward Jones. My youngest son is a college professor and a musician who has traveled the world with his band. So, if you want to live a healthier life, look years younger and feel better, try chiropractic care. You will love it.

    Linda B.

  • I have been a chiropractic patient for over thirty years. Extremely bad headaches led me to seek out chiropractic care. My brother was going to Dr. Byrkit and getting great results, so I thought I would try this spinal care.

    After I started treatments, the headaches completely stopped. When I get a pain anywhere in my body and not just my back, I check with Dr. Byrkit first to see if one of the numerous nerves in my back is pinched. Almost always, it is from a pinched nerve. If people understood how chiropractic worked, they would schedule appointments with a chiropractor like they do with their medical doctor and dentist.

    Chiropractic keeps you young! I am past retirement age, and I work 12 to sometimes 20 hours per week, plus my housework I also volunteer at my church's food pantry.

    Chiropractic really works!!!

    Mary B.

  • After playing many years of soccer, my mother talked me into going to the chiropractor. I had extreme neck pain. I learned from Dr. Byrkit that this neck pain caused many other pains in my back. Thanks to Dr. Byrkit's magic hands, I am now pain-free and can help spread the word about great spinal care. Athletes… take notice — it works.

    Lindsay G.

  • When I was in the navy, I was traveling home on leave with a friend, in a hardtop convertible. I got home alright but had an accident on the way back to base. The car rolled with me in it, and I believe many of my problems came from that accident.

    I started chiropractic care when my fingers got numb. I told my wife that I probably needed to see Dr. Byrkit, since that was where she went for treatment. With just a few treatments, the numbness went away. I have continued with my care because of other ailments that I have had. At times, I have had stomach problems which have been helped by chiropractic adjustments. Now I have continued with maintenance care so that when I do get hurt, it only takes a few extra spinal adjustments to get me feeling great again.

    Thurman B.

  • I was referred to Dr. Byrkit with severe pain in my hips. I was fearful that I would have to give up my hobby, dog agility. After preliminary examination and x-ray, the doctor explained my problem and gave me a prescribed course of treatment. He said that it would take time, but he could help. After several weeks, I began to improve and eventually became pain-free. Although I have setbacks from time to time, especially after a tough competition, Dr. Byrkit always fixes me. This is particularly gratifying since my medical doctor, when presented with my symptoms, used up my deductible and told me that I was "getting old." Dr. Byrkit, you are the greatest!

    Herman S.

  • I have been under Chiropractic care for about forty years. I have had various things happen, and Chiropractic care was able to bring me back to full health. It is not a "quick fix." Repetition of appointments is very important to heal and maintain. Yes, you are paying for each appointment, but if you are in discomfort or pain, how enjoyable will life be anyway? Dr. Byrkit has been very helpful over the years, providing expert advice and suggestions for me to fit my lifestyle and health needs.

    Chiropractic care isn't just keeping bones in place. It involves maintaining the muscles and tissue around the bones and how that, in turn, affects the rest of your body. It can help with headaches, sinus problems and a lot of other health needs. Don't suffer and put up with pain! Try Byrkit Chiropractic Care and live a fuller pain-free life!

    Mary H.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Byrkit for many years for spinal care. He had always given me relief with his gentle spinal adjustments. I always brag and refer my friends to him. I slipped a disc in my lower back about seven years ago. I went to Barnes Hospital and they wanted to operate, but I chose to go back to Dr. Byrkit. Through his care, the disc was put back into place and the pain left. Due to my age of 94, I go back for my adjustment every two weeks. I feel GOOD!

    Francis M.

  • My initial visit with Byrkit Chiropractic Center was in 1995. I had severe lower back pain at that time. However, within a few weeks of adjustments, the pain was gone. Since then, I have received spinal adjustments on a regular basis from Dr. Byrkit and have had very little back discomfort.

    Ron B.

  • I came to Doc many years ago suffering from anterior vertebrae. After going to my medical doctor, who thought I had a pulled muscle, my back was not getting better. I knew Doc’s mom and dad from church, so I thought I would give Chiropractic a try. Dr. Byrkit was able to diagnose the problem and correct my back. Doc has helped me with many issues through the years. My wife, Marylee, came to Dr. Byrkit with a neck issue. She went to another Chiropractor first, and he was not gentle with his adjustments. I told my wife that Doc is gentle and will not hurt her. She gave Doc a try, and he healed her neck plus other issues throughout the years. Dr. Byrkit is not only our Chiropractor but our friend as well. Thanks, Doc.

    Paul & Marylee M.

  • My name is Peggy, and when I started going to Byrkit Chiropractic Center in 2006, I was in very bad shape. I had recently ruptured my L4-5 disc for the fifth time and had been in my bed, healing for two months. At the beginning of the two months, I could not even sit in a chair and was unable to lift more than a telephone without pain. I had five bulging discs in my neck and three more below the waist that included L4-5.

    In l995, I had back surgery which helped for a while but did not continue indefinitely. A friend suggested Dr. Byrkit who had helped her and so, in 2006, I began my journey in Chiropractic care. Because I am almost bone-on-bone in my last two vertebrae near my tailbone, I was greatly worried concerning that area.

    It has been eleven years now, and I keep coming back because Dr. Byrkit has helped me considerably have a close to normal existence. My latest M.R.I. showed no bulging discs in my neck any longer and, as- long -as Dr. Byrkit keeps my spine straight, I am close to pain-free.

    Once- in- a while, if I sleep wrong or lift something that I shouldn’t, then I will have a problem, but my Chiropractor will even meet me, on his day off, and relieve my pain and help me. He is a very wise and knowledgeable Chiropractor with many years of experience, in all health problems. He also has helped me with ribs out of place, carpal tunnel symptoms, neck alignment or vertebrae displacement just to mention a few things. He is kind, funny and truly happy when he brings relief to his patients. It makes his heart glad to do so.


  • My name is Ryan, and I started going to Dr. Byrkit in August 2016, after years of nagging neck and back pain. I always just said it was just tweaked, but after some family members had serious back and neck problems, I decided to listen to my mom and get it checked out. Dr. Byrkit x-rays me and found that I had only 25% of my cartilage remaining in my lower three vertebrae. Being 32 at the time, and already losing 75% of my cartilage really scared me. He started my adjustments, and I began feeling better than I had in years. I am no longer afraid of playing with my kids, doing yard work, playing sports or other activities.

    In addition, after feeling well enough to start playing sports again, I tore my quadriceps and was in a lot of pain. I mentioned this to Dr. Byrkit, and he advised me of a machine he has for deep tissue injuries. He started me on the treatment, and I recovered very quickly. I have had other torn muscles, but none healed as fast – thanks


  • I was having Major headaches to the point I had to go to the E.R. every time I had one. I met Dr. Byrkit and he truely help solve the problem. I haven't had one since I seen him. I also know that Dr. Byrkit loves what he does. And is very good at what he does. Thank you Dr. Byrkit!!!!!

    Dane T.

  • My overall health has significantly improved since starting treatment 2 months ago. I no longer suffer w/everyday aches & pains that caused me to take Asprin Every Single Day. There are so many benefits with chiropractic treatment. Not only does Dr. Byrkit adjust neck and back (obviously), But anytime my knee or wrist or hip felt out wack or causing discomfort in any way, a simple adjustment puts it back in it's place. The Entire Staff at Byrkit Chiropractic are very welcoming & friendly. They have the sweetest people working there. They genuinely care about your health & happiness. Dr. Byrkit

    Megan M.

  • Through my experience thus far at Byrkit Chiropractic I have learned some very useful information regarding the human spine and the benefits of keeping it properly aligned. Through my own personal experience with aligning my spine I have noticed fewer headaches and back pain. I have also noticed a change in my frequent heartburn (which has greatly diminished.) I have learned that all the nerves that pass through the spine make up the vital functions of the body. By learning this I have gained a better understanding of the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic care. I would highly recommend anyone to engage in chiropractic care. After just a few weeks of being at this office I have seen changes in my body that have given me a more positive experience in my day-to-day life. I like this job for many reasons. I have better attitude (which comes from waking up early and being productive.) I thoroughly enjoy the patients and staff that I work with.

    Lauren K.

  • Dr. Byrkit has helped me with chronic back pain. I would recommend Dr. Byrkit to relatives and friends, and anyone who ask me if I know a good chiropractor! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been going to Dr. Byrkit since forever. He has made me feel better many, many times. He has gotten me over 2 or more bouts of sciatica. If your spine is misaligned, he knows how to fix it. He's very friendly and compassionate.

    Barb P.

  • When I first came to Byrkit Chiropractic, I was feeling "crippled". My sciatic nerve was pinched and I was in a lot of pain. I thought there would be either surgery or just a lifetime of pain ahead of me but after starting treatments with Doc Byrkit, the pain lessened and went away! I have continued "maintenance" to keep my back and neck and place and how my knees also receive treatment to keep them going.

    Recently, I had tendonitis in my left wrist and Doc also helped that along with their "diathermt" equipment - no surgeon, no orthopedist - it's gone!

    A great staff of caring people.

    Susan B

  • No one is better at what they do than Dr. Byrkit.

    SHLomo F.

  • My story started almost 14 years ago when my wife urged me to see the doctor. She was going to in the years since, Dr. Byrkit has provided me with care through two protruding discs - degenerating disc disease - sciatica & cervical. It was done in a professional and caring manner. The care I have received has enabled me to stay out of the operating room.

    The Staff also demands prompt and friendly service handling insurance claims, medicare,and appointments needs.

    I was once a skeptic but now a believer in chiropractic care. I have experienced the benefits of it!

    Robert R.

  • I have been seeing Dr. B since 1985 - religiously. He keeps bending me all over and it works. A 90 year old needs lots of maintenance and i get it here. And in a friendly manner. I tell him many tales of my life and it amazes him that I recall it all - at 90. My Spine was not treated well on the farm and he has worked it well. Kicks by horses, falls from 5 feet other falls did my spine no good. This worked on it.

    Warren R. T.