• Injury Rehabilitation for patients in Collinsville, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Maryville & the entire Metro-East Area

  • Have you suffered an injury that causes you widespread pain? Have you tried everything, but the pain won’t go away? Chiropractic care may be the solution to your pain problems. At Byrkit Chiropractic, we treat patients from all over the Metro-East area that has been injured and struggle with pain and loss of use in their affected body parts. We’ll use a variety of treatments to improve the strength and range of motion for a variety of injuries. Please read more below about what injury we can treat, services we provide and much more!

  • Rehabilitation Services

    Those in the Metro-East area know that they can count on us for all their chiropractic care needs. In fact, we’re the local leaders when it comes to injury rehabilitation services. Dr. Byrkit offers the latest treatments to solve your pain problems associated with a variety of types of injuries. The services offered at our facility include the following:

    • Spinal Adjustments
    • Diathermy
    • Cryotherapy
    • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Injuries Treated

    The uncertain and spontaneous nature of accidents and injuries means that anything can happen to you. While that’s a scary thought, know that the dedicated professionals know how to treat for a wide variety of injuries and ailments. Whether it’s trying to improve a chronic condition or therapeutic exercises to help you recover from your latest major injury, we have the know how to put you on the path to success. The following list details the types of injuries that we treat. If you don’t see your specific injury, don’t assume that we don’t treat it – call our staff for answers.

    • Auto Injuries
    • Personal Injuries
    • Sport Injuries
    • Dance Injuries
    • Work Injuries
    • Joint Damage
    • Ligament Damage
    • Tendon Damage
    • Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Back Pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Disc Problems
    • More…
  • Auto Injury

    Cars are, statistically, the most dangerous way to travel. Due to the amount of vehicles on the road, accidents are common and an auto injury is equally as common. We provide care for patients that have been injured in car accidents. From whiplash to major spinal damage, we’ve got the tools and the team to provide the care you need.

  • Personal Injury

    Have you been the victim of a slip and fall accident? Get the help you need to get back to one hundred percent. Don’t suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Get the chiropractic care that you need and get your life back!

  • Sports Injury

    Our team can help you get back on the field with injury rehabilitation for sports-related injuries such as ligament tears, sprains and much more. We’ll take into account your specific sport, training needs and much more.